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Visual Link To The Brain

Following a traumatic brain injury (TBI), there is often an interruption in communication between the brain and the eyes

Studies show that 90% of TBI patients suffer from visual dysfunctions such as:

-Blurred vision

-Sensitivity to light

-Reduction or loss of visual field

-Headaches with visual tasks

-Reading difficulty

-Difficulties with eye movements

Visual function is often overlooked in diagnosing brain injury symptoms, mostly during initial treatment of the injury. Vision problems that are left untreated can have serious consequences.

People of all ages who have experienced some kind of neurological insult or injury and who are experiencing visual symptoms can benefit from a vision assessment from a Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Optometrist, an eye care professional who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment/rehabilitation of neurological conditions adversely affecting the visual system. Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation is a process for the rehabilitation of visual, perceptual, and motor disorders. Clinical experience and research studies show the improved performance of patients who have done a vision rehabilitation program.


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