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Rewellio Virtual Rehab

What is Rewellio?

Rewellio is a stroke therapy application that uses certain exercises to help rehabilitate patients who have suffered a stroke or other TBI’s. Oasis Vision Rehabilitation uses the Virtual Reality version of this application to help with vision therapy.

How does Rewellio use VR?

The best VR system to use for rehabilitation is the oculus Quest.

The Oculus Quest is an affordable and all-in-one solution that changes the extensibility of VR. No wires, affordable and implements hand tracking which eliminates the need for the controllers (however, this only works for select applications)

Rewellio now uses hand tracking for their VR application to give it a more realistic kind of feel because the Oculus Quest can track each individual finger.

By implementing known therapy strategies, Rewellio wants to create an environment that challenges and motivates patients to reach even higher. Rehabilitation is often hard, sometimes you need a push from your family or caretaker but it doesn’t have to be boring.

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