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Oasis Vision Rehabilitation

A vital part of your overall recovery

Studies show that at least 90 percent of Traumatic Brain injury patients suffer from visual dysfunctions. A regular eye exam often does not reveal how the visual process is affected by a brain injury. However, more extensive visual processes in the brain may be affected. Visual problems are often overlooked during the initial treatment of a brain injury, and in some cases, symptoms may not be present until sometime following the injury.

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Neuro-Vision Rehabilitation

Neuro-Vision Rehabilitation is an individualized treatment regime for patients with visual defects as a result of physical disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, and other neurological insults.

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Neuro-Optometric evaluations include:

  • How the eyes work together

  • Whether the eyes are working hard to focus and aim together

  • Eye scanning and tracking ability

  • How the person processes their environment and moves through it

  • The integration between vision and other systems such as balance, auditory, and the body’s sense of position in space

  • Complex visual perceptual ability (how a person organizes and interprets the information that is seen and gives it meaning and visual memory (the ability to remember something seen in the past)

  • Information provided during a standard eye exam such as visual acuity, refraction, eye health evaluation, and peripheral vision testing is required as well

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Phone: (780) 504-7381

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Eye Exams

In addition to vision therapy, we now offer eye exams and health checks.

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We Provide Vision Rehabilitation For:

  • Acquired Brian Injury

  • Concussion

  • Stroke

  • Vestibular Rehabilitation

  • Vertigo

  • Low Vision and much more

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